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B&B and Guest Houses Accra, Tema
Looking for bed and breakfast or B & B accommodation Accra or Tema area in Ghana? Sometimes we are all searching for affordable short stay places, but also considering a guest house with all up to date facilities.

Reko Homes provides bed and breakfast or B& B for visitors including locals in Accra who are looking for convenient and cheaper holiday homes for their holidays or business breaks. Our bed and breakfast or guest houses are situated just 20 km from the Accra Airport, or the Tema Habour if you are a business person undertaking your businesses at the Tema Habour.

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Reko Homes Bed and Breakfast units have all the modern facilities in place to make your living comfortable, check our Facilities for all what you need to make your stay. Many of our repeat visitors choose us because of the facilities we provide at our bed and breakfast unit.

When you Book for your Bed and Breakfast with Reko Homes

  • When you book, if you are international visitor.
  • We pick you from the airport to our Bed and Breakfast accommodation.
  • After your stay we provide for your airport transfer.

Our B&B and guest houses are situated in a gatered-community for security and planning reasons. What could be better than waking up in a city townhouse, country farm cottage, luxury lodge and then tucking into a Ghanaian or European breakfast made by the host in your bed and breakfast (B&B) or guest house?

In Ghana you can pick from an astonishing range of B&Bs and guest houses such as

  • A modern city house conversion or a traditional country house.
  • A cottage like guest house just off Accra.
  • A private owned live in B&B style accommodation.

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Our B&B and guest house accommodation isn’t confined to the cities, just picture yourself in a bed and Breakfast in Ghana, choose where you want to go and then take your pick from a great range of places to stay nearby, a seaside town near golf course and beaches, a scenic highland, home to wildlife and woodland or a bustling city centre close to great events, restaurants and attractions. All our B&B are close to the cities of Accra and Tema in Ghana.


Enjoy your choice of breakfast and sometimes other meals are available too. Make use of the excellent facilities, such as off road parking, wonderful river side views, and handy bike or car parks or golf storage. You might even find a swimming pool.

Whether you are a family or single corporate client, our homes are designed for your convenience, choose from any of the four house or homes, be it Clyde House, Volta, Kwei or The Glen, each has a distinct set up to fit you or family needs, some of the homes comes with double rooms, some with bung beds to accommodate young kids and more.
June 2024