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Key Facts About Ghana

GHANA: Ghana is a small country well situated in the tropics, great kingdoms of the Ashanti’s and the birth country of Legendry Kwame Nkrumah first president of the Ghana. The country has a stable democratic political system, among one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. Ghana offers stunning mountainous scenery, sunny beaches, great lakes of the Volta, forest vegetation, wild life and rich ethnic cultures of the people. It’s a country of infinite possibilities, and a home to friendliest and most welcoming people you can imagine. Well, probably best chocolate products for chocolatiers. CLIMATE Like most tropical places, Ghana enjoys a wonderful climate. The country has over 300 days of sunshine a year- so the weather will never interfere with your plans. Two main seasons, the Rainy Seasontemperatures ranges from 24c to 32c and that for Hot Season from 32c to 36c. HEALTHCARE: High quality medical services are available in Ghana, some at a cost to some extent. Hospitals, private clinics and medical centres are equipped with the latest facilities, staff members are highly qualified and English is widely spoken as most professionals are returnees from the West, Americas, Europe and the Far East Asian Countries. LANGUAGES: Official language […]

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