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HOTEL IN TEMA – Reko Homes

Hotels in Tema - Reko HomesHotels in Tema can be lingering with relaxation in the rustic environment of the city with its tropical sunshine for the tourist or the visitor but getting a comfy hotel to spend some nights need to have three basics, easy to reach, affordable and has all the modern facilities for your stay in Tema, a Port City of Ghana.

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Whether first time visit to Tema or you are a frequent traveler on adventure to the city, or visited for business reasons, Reko Homes Hotels or guest house is the ideal place for your short stays in hotels or rest house. The accommodation is a perfect place for the contemporary tourist or holiday maker. This is the place to laze under swaying coconut palms, spot dolphins playing in the surf and watch pelicans diving for their dinner. Tema is also known as the sea capital of Ghana, so be sure to spend some time scouring the beaches in the sunshine.

Tema Hotels, as we are part of the Association of Tema Hoteliers and also licensed by the Ghana Tourism Board, we also provide some information to tourists visiting the city. There are many attractions in Tema, visit the Tema Fishing Habour and see how traditional fishing methods with small canoes or boats, go gambling at the Macau Casino, see where the imaginary Greenwich Meridian crosses in Tema, the Tema Oil Refinery, Tema Habour and many other factories and plants in the city. Pay a visit to the Akosombo Hydro-electric Dam just about 30 kilometers from the city.

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Our hotel in Tema, comes with a two bedrooms with double or single beds whichever the choice for the visitor, we have designed the rooms for your convenience and comfort keeping in mind your needs, there is a dinner, and small sitting or living area with computer desks for your mini official duties or getting in touch with your friends, business or family members with the provision of Wi-Fi or internet facilities.

Family comfort has also been part of our hotels, we know much about families visiting Ghana and for that matter the city and looking for Tema hotels or apartment type of accommodation. There are facilities available for kids, Cot provided and more.

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Whether you are a family or single corporate client, our homes are designed for your convenience, choose from any of the four house or homes, be it Clyde House, Volta, Kwei or The Glen, each has a distinct set up to fit you or family needs, some of the homes comes with double rooms, some with bung beds to accommodate young kids and more.
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