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Volta House

Volta House named after the Lake Volta of Ghana, the Volta Lake a man-made lake created as a result of the construction of the Akosombo Dam at its extreme southernmost part of the lake.

Volta House guest house in Tema, near Accra Ghana offers a warm welcome to all visitors, with our superior room, comfortable and comes with great features. Catch up with work, family or friends with free WiFi internet access and free local calls, relax and enjoy a good night sleep in your king size bed. Cook your own authentic African food your own way in our fully furnished kitchenette, don’t forget to have a cup of tea or coffee as there’s a kettle provided.

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Volta House

Volta House - Reko HomesHistory of Lake Volta

The Volta River in Ghana is formed between the White Volta River and Black Volta River, the lake stretches about 32O miles from its northern most part of Yapei region. The Akosombo Dam generates electricity for the country of Ghana and supplies electricity to neighbouring Togo and Benin to earn foreign exchange for the country.

Main tourist attractions on the Volta Lake are Dodi Islands, Dwarf and Kporve, then a Protected National Park which lies on part of the lakes western Shore. The Lake Volta provided fresh water resources to many of its neighboring towns and villages surrounding the Volta as well as providing transportation of ferries to cart agriculture produce from the north to the south of the country. You cannot discuss anything about the Ghana without a discussion on the contribution of it to the economic development of Ghana, providing fishery resources, fresh water, tourism and others.

Whether you are a family or single corporate client, our homes are designed for your convenience, choose from any of the four house or homes, be it Clyde House, Volta, Kwei or The Glen, each has a distinct set up to fit you or family needs, some of the homes comes with double rooms, some with bung beds to accommodate young kids and more.
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